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Inner Winners 2016

Fri 02 Dec 09:00 AM - Sun 04 Dec 12:00 PM @ Agroturismo Can Torna


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Inners Winners 2016

The program starts Friday 2 December at 9am and ends Sunday 4 December at 12pm, mid day. It is important that everyone be there at the start of the program, and for this reason we ask that you arrive Thursday. All lodging is included in your registration fee for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Food is included Friday (all meals), Saturday (all meals), and Sunday (breakfast only). If you have special dietary needs, you must let us know in advance.

The fee is 990€, and it covers everything. All you have to do is get to the site.

Some of you will be sleeping at the site, and some of you will be sleeping at our house. If you are coming with your life partner, you will be sharing a room with them. But if not, we will assign you to a room with someone of your same gender. You will have a single bed, in a shared room. Thanks for your understanding.

The weather in Mallorca at this time of the year can vary wildly. Some years we have sat outside in tee shirts in 25 degrees sunshine. Other years we have shivered in 5 degrees damp and cold. So be sure to bring comfortable, layered clothes that cover all possibilities, including shoes suitable for walking around outdoors, possibly in the mud, a rain jacket and slippers for inside in case your shoes get wet. If possible, bring a bathrobe for the sweat lodge. This is not a dress-up seminar. Check out the weather before you pack your bags. Simply Google “weather Esporles” for the latest update.

Once you have confirmed your registration, we will add you to a Facebook group where you can post ride share info. Please post your airport arrival times along with your phone number. You can then arrange for taxi sharing with anyone else arriving at the same time as you. (Arrange to meet at the Information Point, which is outside the baggage area in the long hallway.) The taxi ride will take about 30 minutes and cost between 30€ and 40€, depending on the time of day. You could also share a rent car. Off season car rental is very, very cheap. But please be aware that some of the rental companies, particularly GoldCar, will claim you have damaged their cars when you haven’t. So please take out full insurance coverage to protect yourself.

Remember to write down this address and these phone numbers before you leave home. Hotel Rural C’an Torna, Ctra. Esporles/S’Esglaieta Km. 4,3, Phone: +(34) 971 611500. Mobile: +(34) 620 880899. Give this address to your taxi driver, or put it in the GPS of your rental car. (Also note Marc’s mobile: +(34) 675694321, and Lynn’s mobile: +(34) 675695166.

This is the second time we will be doing Inner Winners at C’an Torna which is a 14th Century house converted into a charming rural hotel in the Tramuntana mountains.

Your Inner Winners facilitators: "River" Ribley studied under B.J. Palmer before graduating in 1960. He promised B.J. to dedicate his life to spreading the word about Vitalistic Chiropractic. He is a cofounder of Life University, and served on the Life Board of Trustees for 36 years. River kept the faith and almost single handedly saved Life University from going under when CCE attacked. It is now again the largest chiropracTIC college in the world. River has led 100s of chiropractors and their families through this amazing, transformative weekend.  “Sunshine” Ribley is the embodiment of love, joy and light and is proud mother to a brood of chiropractors and their spouses. She has personally inspired over a hundred students to become DCs. Marc Hudson along with his wife Lynn McAvenia are the head and heart of ChiroEurope, Europe’s best seminar and coaching program. Together, they have helped hundreds of chiropractors achieve unqualified success over the last 17 years through coaching and seminar across Europe and beyond. They have also facilitated for many years at Inner Winners events. Marc and Lynn were also cofounders of Barcelona Chiropractic College. One of their greatest personal achievements was to raise and donate two and a half million euros to establish the school. In addition, Marc is a working chiropractor adjusting patients every day in one of Europe’s busiest practices.

Some things to consider:

Now is the time to decide what you want to get out of this weekend. You can make this a massively transformational experience or just another feel good seminar, depending on what you put at stake. Our previous participants have sought and received everything from major practice growth to new houses, from weight loss to spiritual growth. What of your current life will you leave behind when you take the first step across the fire, and what will be waiting for you when you reach the other end? Begin now creating these wonders.

This is not a bums-in-seats seminar. We will do exercises together, many of them outdoors. Maybe you’ve done other seminars where the emphasis is very simplistic-- “you can do it, you can do it. You see, you did it! Now you can do anything in real life.” Don’t expect that from Inner Winners. This weekend has a completely different focus. Each exercise is a holographic microcosm that allows you to see the macrocosm that is your life. How you perform the exercise doesn’t matter, what matters is that you see how you think while you are doing the exercise. Then you get to decide if your way of being is resourceful and empowering or not. To get maximum benefit, play at 100%. Participate in all the exercises. Engage emotionally.

We will have the hotel to ourselves, spending all our time together, doing events, discussing philosophy, and eating in community. We are excited to have you join us there.

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