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The Vital Experience: November 2019, Mallorca

Fri 01 Nov 07:30 AM - Sat 02 Nov 23:59 PM @ Bon Lloc (our house)


This event has ended.

Event Details

Vital Experience is ChiroEurope's crown event. We work on identifying and immediately overcoming blocks to growth. This is the event to get clear on the top 3 of Hudson's Hierarchy: Loving Self, Loving 'TIC and Loving Others. This is an intense opportunity to break though. To crush self-limiting beliefs. 3 nights lodging and 2 days amazing food are included in the event fee. It is a full on immersive weekend that starts at 0730am on Nov. 1 and ends late on Nov. 2. We will do advanced goal-setting and realization, intense and focused personal reflection, guided meditations, and of course, our sweat lodge, Wim Hof breathing and ice-bath taught by a certified instructor, and the high energy ChiroEurope Firewalk. We would love to see you there.

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