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ChiroEurope Malaga Spain 27-30th April 2017

Thu 27 Apr 16:00 PM - Sun 30 Apr 12:00 PM @ Hotel IPV Palace & Spa


This event has ended.

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The next ChiroEurope is 27-30 April, 2017 in Malaga, Spain. ChiroEurope is the source of vitalistic Chiropractic in Europe. The birthplace of Europe’s most dynamic, busiest, and most successful practices. This multi-day, multi-speaker seminar is twice a year, Spring and Autumn. We focus 100% on your success. Transitioning from musculoskeletal pain treatment to vitalistic practice or from good to superstar. We help Chiropractors overcome their fears. Of adjusting, of rejection, and of success. We have helped hundreds of chiropractors take it to the next level and all the way to the top. We celebrate what’s right! Safe, effective, ethical, fun, and profitable chiropractic success.

We are a strong, supportive, vibrant brother and sisterhood of warriors and nurturers who are shifting our profession. We are a tribe. We defend the foundational principles of Chiropractic. While others just talk, we get it done.

ChiroEurope is about clearing out the subluxation above atlas. Build your chiropractic muscles, gain wisdom and renew your passion! Make your dream practice a reality.

We respect the right of ALL chiropractors to practice as they see fit as long as it is honest and ethical. At ChiroEurope, we stand for the right to legally and successfully practice primary contact, non-therapeutic, non-diagnostic, vitalistic Chiropractic.

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